National Public Lands Day – Saturday, 27 September 2014

Here are a few photos taken on NPLD 2014. The day started with a hike along the Dixon Merritt Trail led by Ranger Brian. Then the volunteers worked on the picnic tables for Shelter 4. Angela and Beth removed staples and tape from the tables while Marc planed some of the boards. Next Marc, Fran and Brian ran the boards through the table saw while Beth, Linda and Fran sanded. Then Angela, Glenda, Beth and Fran painted the boards green (Skittles Green I’m told) while Marc supervised. Finally Tim, Fran, Angela and George started reassembling the tables.What sounded like a fairly simple task turned out to be a lot of work, but the tables look fantastic. They look like new tables.

Later that evening, some of the crew gathered at the campfire site behind Jackson Cave and the Butterfly Garden, built a fire and roasted hot dogs. Unfortunately, nobody thought to snap pictures at the campfire because we were all either too tired or too busy playing with Drake, Emily’s 7-week old Australian Shepherd puppy. But the night sky was beautiful, the crickets and frogs were almost deafening, and even a few fireflies showed up. And the hot dogs went fast after a 10-hour work day.

Thanks to all who pitched in and made NPLD 2014 a fun and productive day. The Friends of Cedars of Lebanon State Park look forward to NPLD 2015.

Friends of Cedars of Lebanon State Park

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