Park Expansion & Plans For The Future

Much like my waist over pretty much any holiday, Cedars of Lebanon State Park more than doubled overnight when 2000+ acres previously managed by the Tennessee Department of Forestry under the Tennessee Department of Agriculture was transferred to Cedars of Lebanon State Park which falls under the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. In addition, talk continues of a park-to-park Greenway extending from Cedars of Lebanon State Park to Long Hunter State Park along what is now W. Cedar Forest Road.

The Lebanon Democrat recently published a piece on the land transfer and possible Greenway written by Sinclaire Sparkman. In addition to her journalistic duties, Ms. Sparkman is enrolled in the Tennessee Naturalist Program at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Thank you, Sinclaire for your volunteer work in and around the park & forest, and for the article below. Click the image below for the high-resolution version.

Friends of Cedars

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