Photos from the Total Solar Eclipse at COLSP

The total solar eclipse has come and gone, but the sights, sounds and sensations of the awe-inspiring event will live on in the memories of those lucky enough to have witnessed it.  Thousands from near and far traveled to Cedars of Lebanon State Park in hopes of good weather and a good view of the celestial magic, and they were not disappointed. As the morning faded, the temperature rose as much as the excitement. The clouds were few and far between. By noon when the eclipse began, the temperature had risen to 95°F in the shade, but as the ambient light began to dim, the temperature slowly fell. At totality the mercury had dropped to 89°, and by 2:00 PM, almost 30 minutes after totality, the thermometer read 86°, still warm, but no one seemed to mind.

It was a wonderful day, and the view was spectacular from Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Thanks to all of you who spent the day with us. We hope you will visit again.

For a few photos of the big day, click the image below for a gallery of 37 images taken by Margie Hunter.

Friends of Cedars of Lebanon State Park

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